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Can I use my mountain bike?

Yes, you can ride any bicycle as long as it is roadworthy and has functioning front and rear brakes (i.e. no fixed wheel bicycles)

What's the minimum age for GO TRI Reading @ Green Park?

The minimum age is 15 years. This limit is set by British Triathlon and is because the cycle route is on roads open to traffic.

Do I get a medal?

In order to keep our costs down, enabling us to keep the entry fee so low and therefore the event accessible to as many people as possible, we do not award completion medals. We provide home-baked cake instead!

Do I have to wear a wetsuit for the swim leg of the triathlon?

Yes, for safety reasons wetsuits are compulsory. "Shortie" style wetsuits are acceptable.

Surf or water shoes (or old trainers) are also compulsory for the swim due to the presence of freshwater mussels in the lake which can be extremely sharp and potentially cause injury.

Do I have to finish within a certain time?

No. GO TRI events are aimed at all abilities, particularly newcomers, and so there is not cut-off time for any of our events.

Will I get separate times for the swim, bike and run portions?

In the spirit of prioritising completing over competing, we will record your overall time for the event but are not able to take "split" times. You are very welcome to wear a sports watch to do this yourself.